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Community Message

“Keep true the dreams of your youth.” Friedrich Schiller

The theme of this year’s report is Portraits of Success and at the heart of the accomplishments have been the children and youth. As you read this year’s annual report you will see that it takes the compassion, desire and support of a tremendous amount of people to foster the dreams of children and young people in our communities. Our agency’s success is based on an interconnected recipe of a nonjudgmental service model, committed staff, understanding caregivers, inspirational youth, vibrant volunteers, dedicated board members, and generous donors. Through the efforts of everyone, reaching our vision of being a community that nurtures the lives and dreams of children and youth becomes a reality.

This has been a year of large change as the agency moved to the provincial Child Protection Information Network (CPIN) in an effort to increase child safety. The coming year also holds promise of large scale changes with a proposed new legislation to increase the age of protection to 18 years, a new funding model and increased focus on accountability. Regardless of what change lies ahead, know that the agency will stand true to its promise of protecting children and supporting families first.

In hearing young people connected to the agency speak of their future goals of becoming teachers, scientists, artists, and mechanics; I know all of our futures are in good hands. Once again it has been an honour to serve the community in this important work.


Bernadette Gallagher, Executive Director
Renee VanKooten, Board President

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