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Stand Together Against Racism





As protests and civil unrest unfolds across North America in the wake of George Floyd’s horrific death, we are reminded of the harm and racism black people have experienced throughout history to present day.  As a children’s aid society, we share in that history.    These recent gut-wrenching events serve as a call to action to end anti-black racism and dismantle racist systems, structures and institutions.

As an organization, we pledge our steadfast commitment to take action to address systemic racism and oppression and embed equity, diversity and inclusion in all areas of our operations.

Our thoughts are with those who have experienced pain and loss during this very difficult time.

Children and Youth in Care Day May 14

May 14 is the day we recognize Ontario’s Children and Youth in Care. We recognize their strength, bravery and resilience as young people who have faced adversity throughout their lives through no fault of their own. We all need to work together to help these children and youth be everything they can be.

Children and Youth in Care Day is a day for us to think about their future. It is a day to think about what they can achieve. It is about seeing and celebrating their successes and potential. This is the day where we, as an agency, their caregivers and the broader community resolve to work together to help children and youth in care be all they can be! They deserve nothing less.

As we celebrate a little differently this year, a home movie package will be delivered to each caregiver’s home, including a free movie rental and popcorn to enjoy together with their family. We are also providing a basket of perishable foods for youth living independently.

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