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Bring Our Children Home


The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk with the support of CD 98.9 FM in Simcoe has developed a specialized recruitment campaign which aims to find homes for children and youth in the Outside Paid Resource (OPR) system living outside the communities of Haldimand and Norfolk.

OPR’s are independently owned and operated treatment foster care homes and group homes where care is provided to children and youth in a small group setting. They are licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and are required to renew their licenses annually.

Unfortunately, there is a critical shortage of foster homes in Haldimand and Norfolk that can manage the behaviour or specialized treatment needs of some of the children and youth that come into care necessitating the use of group homes.

CD 98.9 FM has agreed to host a special, morning show broadcast on Monday, May 17, 2010 which will feature stories from youth in group homes, interviews with youth, foster parents, adoptive parents and Society staff. The broadcast will begin at 6:00 am and continue until 9:00 am taking the form of a “radiothon” style, live recruitment campaign.

The broadcast will feature child specific profiles where radio hosts will intermittently make public pleas to the audience to foster or adopt a specific youth or child.

The campaign will provide a wonderful opportunity to bring youth and children back to their communities. It is our hope that through this very unique and transparent public plea to “bring our children home” we can recruit suitable homes for some of our youth and children.

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