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Enjoy Family Day!

Family Day is Monday, February 15th.  The Society encourages community members to enjoy their families on the upcoming statutory holiday, and also to reflect on those young people, who aren’t with, or don’t have, family.

If you are able to offer a safe, structured, stable and nurturing environment for a child or sibling group, The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk is recruiting foster parents to care for children and youth of all ages.

Children come into foster care for protection from abuse or neglect, and due to difficult family circumstances.  These children and youth come from varied backgrounds, but each one needs a caring family. Families also come in all shapes and sizes and from many ethnic and religious backgrounds.  Despite the differences, family units offer love and support, a brief shelter or a life-long connection for a child or youth.

If you would like to help a child or youth in our community there are many ways to help:  volunteer, mentor, foster, adopt or donate.  Please contact the Children’s Aid Society at 1-888-227-5437.

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