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Family Day

Monday, February 16 is Family Day and a public holiday. Family day takes place on the third Monday of every February. The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk urges you to devote this time to your children and families as there is nothing more valuable than having time together.

On Family Day, Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies ask all Ontarians to make our children and families, particularly our most vulnerable, a priority in our thoughts and actions. Their well-being is the true measure of our society. At a time when so much is uncertain and strong families are more important than ever, ensuring that our children continue to grow has never mattered more.

If you have ever considered helping a child who doesn’t have a family or whose family is struggling and unable to care for him or her, please call us to be a Foster Parent. You can reach us at 1-888-CAS-KIDS. Listen for our Foster Home campaign on radio CD 98.9 in Norfolk County or 92.9 Moose FM in Haldimand County.


family day

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