Dress Purple Day October 27, 2020

Every October, Children’s Aid Societies across Ontario raise awareness about the important role that individuals and communities play in supporting vulnerable children, youth, and families through the provincial Dress Purple Day campaign. The campaign is more important than ever, since the COVID-19 pandemic has created additional stressors for families, and in some cases has increased risk for the well-being and safety of vulnerable children and youth.

This year, Dress Purple Day will take place on Tuesday, October 27, 2020. 

We are calling on all Ontarians to wear something purple to show children, youth, and families that they are here to help!

Adults need to step in and help kids who are dealing with neglect, physical and sexual abuse, gender-based violence, dating violence, and emotional abuse, including racism, intolerance, prejudice, and discrimination. This right applies everywhere – at home and in the community.  If you have a concern for the safety or well-being of a child or youth or know a family in need of support, please call your local CAS.

Please join our campaign and… 

  • Dress Purple on Tuesday, October 27 to show children, youth and families that you are HERE TO HELP!
  • Post a picture on social media wearing purple on October 27 and use the hashtag #DressPurpleDay2020
  • Create and post a video explaining why you will wear purple and how you help children, youth and families facing challenges
  • Share your video on social media using the hashtag #IDressPurpleBecause
  • School and child care staff can educate students about their right to safety and well-being and networks of support using Dress Purple Classroom resources (see link below)

For resources and to learn more about how you can support the campaign on October 27 visit www.oacas.org/dresspurpleday/ or contact us for more information.

Kin Awareness Week, September 21-25

During Kin Awareness Week, Children’s Aid Societies celebrate the families that step in and support children and youth while caregivers address the challenges they are facing. Kin support often means providing a safe and nurturing home, but it also includes informal supports like child care and transportation. Kin providers can be family members, but most people don’t realize they can also be people who simply have an emotional connection to the child or youth. Learn more about how kin families keep kids connected here.

Foster a Child, Foster a Future

The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk needs help and it can start with you!

Within our communities, there is an urgent need for foster homes – especially for children aged thirteen and fourteen and older teenagers.

Do you see yourself as a mentor, role model or someone who can be that trusting adult that can make a difference to a child or teen? please…Be a hometown hero, foster a child and foster a future!

For more information on fostering, call 1-888-CAS-KIDS or visit our website www.cashn.on.ca

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Sunday June 21st is National Indigenous People’s Day in Canada.  This is a day to recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.  Like other celebrations during the pandemic we are challenged to find new ways to honour this important day while staying safe.

Explore the links provided below, to watch a film, listen to a podcast or tour a virtual indigenous exhibit/museum.


On June 19th at 1:00 pm you can tune-in to a virtual Pow Wow.  This Facebook event is hosted by the Anishinabek Nation.


Also there is a guidebook with the excerpts: ‘why I dance’ that are poignant and inspiring!



Stand Together Against Racism





As protests and civil unrest unfolds across North America in the wake of George Floyd’s horrific death, we are reminded of the harm and racism black people have experienced throughout history to present day.  As a children’s aid society, we share in that history.    These recent gut-wrenching events serve as a call to action to end anti-black racism and dismantle racist systems, structures and institutions.

As an organization, we pledge our steadfast commitment to take action to address systemic racism and oppression and embed equity, diversity and inclusion in all areas of our operations.

Our thoughts are with those who have experienced pain and loss during this very difficult time.