Birthday Donation

On July 7th, 2019 this beautiful young lady celebrated her 4th birthday with ten of her close friends.  Everyone invited to her party brought gifts, but not for her because this amazing young lady and her parents made a decision prior to the party to donate her birthday gifts to children who needed them more than she did.  She knows the children that receive them will be very happy.  Her caring and grateful heart is amazing and the Society would like to thank her for sharing not only her birthday gifts, but also her kindness.

A special shout out to all of her kind and giving friends and their parents who picked out these gifts to help her fulfill this wish.

A sincere “Thank you”.

Thank you to Haldimand OPP and the Caledonia Fair Board

Thank you to Haldimand OPP and the Caledonia Fair Board for making a generous donation of handmade blankets to The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk. Thank you also to the community members who entered these emergency safety and comfort blankets in the Caledonia Fair and then forwarded to us for children and families who need them. They are truly a special gift!

Thank you also to Ashley Putt and her daughter Haddie, who generously donated toys and teddy bears she received on her first birthday! Pictured here is Bernadette Gallagher, Executive Director, Sgt. Lisa Liegler of Haldimand OPP, Ashley Putt, Haddie Hilberg, and Kelly Wright, Director of Service at the Society.


Thanks to Procter and Gamble in Brantford

We sincerely thank the staff at Procter & Gamble in Brantford for their ongoing support of the Society.  Again this year, we gratefully accepted a generous donation of $4000 from P&G staff, to our “Little Dreams, Big Dreams” fund.  Their kindness will go a long way in helping local children and youth realize their recreational and educational dreams!!  THANK YOU to our friends at P&G.