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November is Adoption Awareness Month It’s About Lifelong Connections


Every child and youth needs and deserves permanent, lifelong connections to flourish.

The primary goal of Children’s Aid Societies is to support children to live safely with their family of origin. When that is not possible, we look for alternate caregivers, preferably known to the family (kin) who can provide a safe and nurturing environment in which the child can grow up and flourish.

There are many paths to lifelong connections, which may be different for every child. Adoption is one of several options that the Society considers when looking for lifelong connections for children in care. Kinship service, kinship care, customary care, legal custody and transitioning to adulthood are other permanence options considered when making decisions about what is the best setting for a child or youth. Pathways need to be shaped to meet the needs of the child.

There is a need for families to provide foster, kinship, adoption and customary care for children and youth in our community, specifically older children and teens, sibling groups and children with complex special needs.

Adoptive parents can be individuals or couples, parents who already have children and want to add to their growing family, as well as adults whose first choice for building their family is through adoption. We welcome and value diversity in our fostering and adoptive community and know that families come in all different shapes and sizes.

When children and youth leaving care have a permanent family, they experience better outcomes, such as graduating high school and learning independence skills. Hope and support are created for generations to come. Eight adoptions were finalized in Haldimand and Norfolk in 2019-20. We thank all our caregivers: our foster, kin and adoptive parents; for the care, compassion and unquestionable commitment to the children and youth they openly welcome into their hearts and homes. We cannot do this work alone.

For more information, please contact: The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk, 1-888-227-5437 www.cashn.on.ca

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