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Adoption Services

Adoption is the legal process through which a child becomes part of a new family. It is intended to provide the child permanence and security. The CFSA (Child and Family Services Act) regulates the adoption of children in Ontario and protects the rights of everyone involved in an adoption; the child, the child’s birth parents and the adoptive parents.

The CAS is actively looking for families interested in adoption, especially those who have the strengths and skills for children and youth who are older, have siblings, have “open” agreements with their families or origin, and who have complex developmental and health needs. Caregivers who are interested in providing kinship or customary care for children and youth in our community are also needed.

When children and youth leaving care have a permanent family, they experience better outcomes, such as graduating high school and learning independence skills. Hope and support is created for generations to come.

Older Children Need Families Too

About Adoption Disclosure

In May 2008, the Ontario legislature passed an adoption information disclosure law called “Access to Adoption Records Act, 2008” which gives adopted adults and birth parents more rights to information and privacy through the Adoption Disclosure Register.

Questions? Visit our Adoption FAQs

For more information about adoption, please call the CAS at (519) 587-5437 or toll-free at 1-888-CAS-KIDS (227-5437) to speak to an adoption worker; or visit the Ministry of Children and Youth website atwww.children.gov.on.ca
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