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Adoption FAQs

Q. Are you thinking of adopting a child?

Parents who adopt must be mature and flexible to meet the needs of children who come from a variety of backgrounds. Adoptive parents can be individuals or couples, parents who already have children and want to add to their growing family, as well as adults whose first choice for building their family is through adoption. We welcome diversity in our fostering and adoptive community, and know that families come in all different shapes and sizes.

Q. How do we become an adoptive family?

When you contact the CAS about adoption you will be provided with an information package and subsequently an adoption worker will attend your home to discuss the process and answer any questions you might have. If you decide to proceed, a Home Study will be conducted. Participation in training is required. Working through this process assists in the decision whether adoption is right for you and what type of child best fits into your family.

Q. Are there many children available for adoption?

It depends on the child. Typically, the more selective you are about the kind of child you want, the fewer choices there are. There are many children of all ages needing a “forever family”.

Q. How long does it take to adopt a child?

The length of an adoption process varies widely. The home study assessment, training and approval process usually takes about three to six months. After being approved an adoptive family may wait for one month to several years for a placement, depending on the age of the child they wish to adopt, the number of children they are prepared to welcome into their family. After a child has been placed with your family, it will be at least six months and possibly longer until an adoption can be finalized.

Q. Can adoptive families receive any financial help?

Adoptive applicants are expected to be able to financially meet the basic expenses of raising a child. In some adoption placements, the agency may approve a financial subsidy to help parents who wish to adopt a child with specific special needs or a group of siblings.

Q. Are you thinking about placing your child for adoption?

It may help to discuss your options with a CAS worker to make the best plan for your child. The decision is still yours, whether you keep your child or choose adoption.

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