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Child Protection FAQs

Q. Why is the CAS visiting my family?

The CAS is required by law to respond to any concerns they receive about the care and safety of a child. We understand that receiving a call or a visit from us can be a very difficult and stressful experience, and that you may have many questions and concerns. We do our utmost to work with families and the community to ensure children’s safety and well-being.

Q. Can I have a support person with me?

Yes, you can have a family member, support person or Band Representative with you while meeting with CAS staff.

Q. What is going to happen?

We will try to establish the facts of the situation, whether our involvement is needed and what community supports, if any, might be helpful.

Q. Can the CAS enter my home without my permission or without a warrant?

In situations where we have reason to believe a child is at imminent risk, the law gives CAS the right of entry in order to assess the safety of a child.

Q. Can the CAS talk to my child at school without my knowledge or permission?

An interview may take place at home, school or any other reasonable location. Depending on the severity of the concern, it may be without the knowledge or consent of the parent or caregiver.

Q. Will the CAS take my child?

Whenever possible the Society works to keep children in their own family home. Children are only removed from their homes when the Society determines there is an immediate or extreme risk, and there are no other options left to ensure their safety. Most children remain at home.

Q. What if I have a concern or a complaint?

The CAS welcomes any opportunity to discuss ways to improve our services and supports to children and families. Our work is overseen by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth. Please see our Complaint Resolution procedure for details.

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