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October is Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month



Last Year, Ontario Children’s Aid Societies investigated 77, 089 referrals concerning the safety and well-being of children and youth at risk of abuse and harm. 1,824 referrals were received by The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk. 

Child abuse and neglect are societal and family issues. The goal of the Child Abuse Prevention Campaign in October is to raise awareness that public education and prevention are the best ways to end the neglect and abuse of children. It serves as a reminder to all of us that reporting suspected child abuse and neglect is everyone’s responsibility.

Visit us at the Caledonia Fair (October 1 – 4, 2009) and at the Norfolk County Fair (October 6 – 12, 2009) where we will be distributing free wrist bands and buttons to raise awareness and provide information about child abuse and neglect.

The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk will also be fundraising for the Fresh Air Fund and providing information about adoption and fostering at our exhibit booth.

Nurturing the lives and dreams of children: Office Challenge



As a part of our Radiothon and efforts to make this fundraiser a community success we have issued an office challenge. Proceeds from the Little Dreams, Big Dreams fundraiser will go towards the Fresh Air Fund that sends children in our communities to camp and helps them participate in recreational activities. Proceeds will also go towards bursaries for youth in CASHN care and one community youth interested in a career in Social Work or a similar field.

The contest rules are simple:

  1. We are asking each office to make a donation to Little Dreams, Big Dreams/Fresh Air Fund. How much you give is entirely up to you.
  2. If you are not in a position to make a donation we ask that you request a Radiothon poster and display it in your place of business to help us promote this important event. You will then become eligible for the grand prize draw.
  3. If you wish to make a pledge please call locally: (519) 587-5437 or long distance: 1-888-CAS-KIDS. You can also email your pledge to littledreamsbigdreams@cashn.on.ca. Please include the name of a contact person, business name and type, phone number and address and the amount you are pledging.
  4. All information collected from contestants will be used for internal purposes only. The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk will not sell or otherwise disclose to third parties any personal Information that it has obtained from this contest.
  5. In order to be eligible for prize draws, your donations or emails must be received by 4:00 pm on April 27, 2009. However, you do not have to make a donation to be eligible for the grand prize, simply email us to let us know that you have displayed our poster.
  6. The winner will be chosen by random draw on April 28, 2009 and announced on the day of the Radiothon.
  7. The Grand prize will consist of an advertising package for your business that will include one month of advertising from Moose FM, 92.9 in Caledonia, it was also include a full colour ad from the Simcoe Reformer and a black and white newspaper ad from the Regional News This Week in Haldimand County. The Grand Prize Winner will further win a weekend car rental from Enterprise car rentals and an office pizza lunch from Boston Pizza.
  8. The prizes as described are subject to the rules and requirements of the prize sponsors. Any advertisements would have to adhere to journalistic standards and rules prescribed by the respective radio and newspaper prize sponsors. Prizes from Boston Pizza and Enterprise Car Rentals would be subject to their internal business and promotional policies and rules.
  9. The second prize winner will win an office pizza lunch from Boston Pizza.
  10. Your donations can be sent to: Little Dreams, Big Dreams
    The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk
    70 Town Centre Drive, Townsend, Ontario, N0A 1S0
    Fax: (519) 587-3627
  11. Once again, you can also email your pledges to littledreamsbigdreams@cashn.on.ca prior to May 1. On the day of the Radiothon please call Moose FM 92.9 in Caledonia toll free at 1-866-477-1089 or locally at 289-284-1070.
  12. Please include the name of your business or organization, the name of a contact person, the nature of your business and a phone number with your donation.
  13. The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk reserves the right to be the final arbitrator in any dispute that may arise as a result of this contest.
  14. The prize winners will be announced on air and interviewed live on the day of the Radiothon, May 1, 2009. Prize winners will also appear in the Simcoe Reformer or the Regional News this Week.
  15. Listen to 92.9 Moose FM on May 1, 2009 between 6 am to 6 pm for a chance to win individual prizes from Etnies, Bell and more. You can also listen online at: www.moosefm.com/ckjn1/

For further information on the contest or details contact Igor Bubic, Public Relations Coordinator of CASHN at 1-888-CAS-KIDS (ext 239) or locally at (519) 587-5437 (ext 239).

Radiothon: Broadcasting live from Zehrs in Caledonia

cashn radiothon

Listen to the Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk’s, “Little Dreams, Big Dreams” Radiothon on May 1, 2009. You can hear it on Moose FM 92.9 in Caledonia or streaming live through their public website at www.moosefm.com/ckjn/

The Morning Show crew with John Hardy will be hosting the entire 12 hour event from the Zehrs parking lot in Caledonia starting at 6 am. They will be joined by Bell, Harmony Square who will handing out prizes and goodies.

Our hope is that the “Little Dreams, Big Dreams Radiothon” will raise raise money for our Fresh Air Fund which helps children from our community go to camp and participate in recreational activities. Janice Robinson, Executive Director of the Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk wants to highlight that, “the Fresh Air Fund also helps children in the community that are not CAS clients”.

The Society is also fundraising to establish bursaries that will help youth in our care obtain an ongoing education such as college, university or trade school. In addition, Haldimand and Norfolk CAS is also creating a new bursary, eligible to youth in the community not involved with the Society that are seeking an ongoing education in social work or a related field.

We have also set up challenges where Haldimand and Norfolk classrooms and offices can compete to win various prizes. Classrooms can win a pizza lunch provided by our sponsor, Boston Pizza in Simcoe. The winning office will receive a grand prize advertising and promotional package with an estimated value of more than $3,000.00 in radio spots, print advertising and more.

On the day of the Radiothon Harmony Square Bell and Etnies skateboards and apparel have donated individual prizes to radio listeners.

CASHN recognizes the importance of meeting the needs of our youth and providing them with every available opportunity to obtain the necessary skills to be successful in whatever they choose to do.

The emotional and financial support to those youth still in school or training programs is imperative to their continued success. The transition to independent living and moving into post secondary schooling is very challenging and a time when children often look to their parents for support and guidance.

Our youth have recognized the importance of our Society’s continued support and as a result feel valued and cared for. The number of youth that we have currently registered in post secondary schooling has increased over the last three years. This is a reflection of our commitment to meeting our children’s needs, our work to improve outcomes for children in care and a reflection of the importance we place on education as a part of our children’s lives.

Together, we are a community that nurtures the lives and dreams of children.

For further information or those interested in donating money or competing in the fundraising challenge can phone 1-888-CAS-KIDS before May 1. On the day of the Radiothon, those interested in making a donation can call Moose FM at (289) 284-1070 locally in Caledonia or long distance at (866) 477-1089.

The Children’s Aid Society would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity and support in this campaign.

Many thanks to: Etnies/Faction Sales, Scotiabank Caledonia, Boston Pizza Simcoe, Enterprise Car Rentals and Bell Harmony Square Brantford.


Protecting the rights of children in Ontario during a sluggish economy


 This from the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies:

TORONTO – Today (November 20th), on National Child Day, the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS) and its member agencies remind Ontarians to make our most vulnerable children and families a priority.

Many children and youth are denied the basics of a safe home, adequate food and clothing, necessary community supports and opportunities to develop.

  1. 40% of food bank clients in Ontario are children.
  2. One in six children in Ontario live in poverty.
  3. Over the past year, more than 77,000 allegations of abuse and neglect were investigated by Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies (CASs). More than 27,000 children were in CAS care.
  4. Almost 40% of women assaulted by spouses said their children witnessed the violence; in many cases the violence was severe.
  5. One-third of children seeking mental health services in 2007 were still waiting at the end of the year.

“Today, we recognize the rights of all children to be protected. Despite the current economic environment, we must remain committed to securing a prosperous future for our children,” said Jeanette Lewis, Executive Director, OACAS.

Children’s Aid Societies support families when parents cannot provide proper care, housing and nutrition for a child. CASs must respond when a downturn in the economy affects children and families. Job loss, family stress, poverty and depression are among the causes of child abuse and neglect. Community social service programs and initiatives designed to support families coping with these stresses need to be sustained, especially during a slowing economy.

“When families face increasing hardships like unemployment, extreme financial need and housing crises, the programs and services they rely on must be available to support them,” added Lewis. “As Canadians, we all promised to protect children from harm and ensure their safety. It is time we kept our promise to our most vulnerable citizens.”

For more information, visit www.oacas.org or contact the Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk at 1-888-CAS-KIDS.

Purple Ribbon News Release on Child Abuse and Neglect


In a recent report, the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS) indicated that last year more than 27,000 children and youth under the age of 16 years received services for protection from suspected child abuse and neglect.
The report released today indicates that

  1. 1 in 100 of all of Ontario’s children received services from Children’s Aid Societies
  2. 152,879 allegations of abuse or neglect were received by the Societies
  3. 27,816 children were served by Children’s Aid Societies
  4. 24,955 families were supported by the Children’s Aid Societies to help them protect and care for their children

Child abuse is a concern for all Ontarians because many children are at risk of abuse or suffering from lack of proper care. “This societal problem needs everyone’s attention because too many families are coping with stressors and challenges affecting their ability to provide a safe, secure home for their children with insufficient services and support,” states Jeanette Lewis, Executive Director on the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies.

Everyone has an ongoing duty to report when they see or hear that a child is suffering from any form of abuse from a parent, caregiver or adult whether physical, emotional or sexual. Everyone also has a ongoing duty to report if they learn that a child is living in appalling conditions, has no place to sleep or enough food to eat. All Ontarians have a responsibility to protect children by reporting suspected child abuse and neglect to their local Children’s Aid Society.

Children that are physically abused may have obvious bruises or marks on their body. Children abused emotionally or sexually may exhibit behavioural indicators and children who are neglected may be malnourished, appear unkempt or inappropriately dressed.

Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies are launching the Child Abuse Prevention Campaign on October to remind the public about everyone’s responsibility to protect children by reporting suspected child abuse because, as this year’s campaign states, “kids shouldn’t have to live with abuse.” Ontarians are encouraged to learn more about the signs of abuse, how to recognize it and report it to their local children’s Aid Society at

To read the report recently released by the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies, Ontario’s Children in Care, visit www.oacas.org or www.cashn.on.ca

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