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Dustin Glass Memorial Bursary


Remembering Dustin Korey Glass:

Dustin was a youth on Extended Care and Maintenance who passed away in May, 2009 as the result of a tragic car accident. He was eighteen years old.

Dustin faced many struggles in his young life which he began to overcome when he enrolled in the General Education Development program at Fanshawe College.

At the request of Dustin’s family, The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk has established the “Dustin Glass Memorial Bursary” to honour Dustin’s memory.

This award is granted to five youth in care who are living independently and have graduated from high school.

The awards will be presented at The Children’s Aid Society’s Annual General Meeting each year beginning in 2010.

If you wish to make a donation please contact the Society at (519) 587-5437 or toll free at 1-888-CAS-KIDS (227-5437).

Annual General Meeting: Nurturing the Lives and Dreams of Children


Last night the Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk held its 15th Annual General Meeting and Recognition Awards.

During the meeting the Society very proudly celebrated and honoured the academic achievements of 25 youth which included:

Graduation from high school;
Acceptance to a college, university or trade school;
Recipients of bursaries and scholarships;
Successful completion of courses and programs at college and university

The number of youth in care graduating high school and continuing their education has risen dramatically in the past decade. The difference has been the result of a visionary blueprint by CASHN and its Board of Directors in dedicating staff and resources to older youth whohave asked us to use a, “what would a good parent do” test of every service we provide them.

As one example, the Society has responded by working hard to ensure every child graduates high school and obtains a post secondary education. Educational achievement is one concrete way to end the cycle of poverty.

The “doing what a good parent would do” commitment to youth is not only proving to be a success locally, it is being duplicated across the province by other Children’s Aid Societies with the endorsement of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

CASHN and its Board of Directors also recognized the hard work and contributions of CAS staff who donate over $8,000.00 a year to the Fresh Air Fund to help children in the community.

Various organizations, individuals and groups from the community were also formally honoured for their valuable contributions as donors who helped “elevate the dreams” of children in care.

CASHN see their donors as a perfect example of their vision in practice of a community that nurtures the lives and dreams of children. CAS community donors help children and youth through the Fresh Air Fund and bursaries for post secondary education.

For those seeking more information on how they can become involved with helping children in Haldimand and Norfolk please explore this website.



Little Dreams, Big Dreams Radiothon : School Contests and Rules

The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk

Little Dreams, Big Dreams Radiothon

Information for Schools

The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk (CASHN) is kicking off a new public awareness and fundraising campaign with a Radiothon, scheduled for May 1, 2009.

The Little Dreams, Big Dreams Radiothon will air on 92.9 Moose FM from Caledonia on May 1, 2009 for a 12 hour period, beginning with the morning show hosted by John Hardy at 6 am. During the day, audiences will hear live and pre-recorded interviews from families, youth, staff and foster parents.

The Radiothon will also feature information about programs and services provided by the CAS and the purpose of this fundraiser. John Hardy and crew will be broadcasting live from the Zehrs parking lot on Argyle Street in Caledonia, where CASHN will set up an information booth. We will also be joined by Harmony Square Bell who will be distributing free items.

CASHN is hoping to augment this event with fundraising challenges where classes and offices will compete to win various prizes. Various classrooms can win a pizza lunch provided by our sponsor, Boston Pizza in Simcoe. The winning office will receive a grand prize advertising and promotional package with an estimated value of more than $3,000.00 in local radio spots, print advertising and more.

On the day of the Radiothon Harmony Square Bell and Etnies skateboards and apparel will be donating individual prizes to radio listeners. The public is encouraged to stop by the broadcast area outside Zehrs and say hello to CAS and radio staff.

The “Little Dreams, Big Dreams Radiothon” has been created to raise money and awareness for non-funded services and programs provided by the CASHN to the families and children of our communities.

CASHN is raising money for our Fresh Air Fund which helps disadvantaged children in our communities go to camp and participate in recreational activities. It is Important to note that the Fresh Air Fund also helps children in the community that are not CAS clients.

We are also fundraising money to establish bursaries. CASHN bursaries will help youth in our care obtain an ongoing education such as college, university or trade school. In addition, Haldimand and Norfolk CAS is also creating a new bursary, eligible to youth in the community not involved with the Society that are seeking a post-secondary education in social work or a related field

Toonie Thunder Classroom Challenge: Kids helping Kids

As a part of our Radiothon and efforts to make this fundraiser a community success we have issued a classroom challenge to schools in Haldimand and Norfolk Counties. Proceeds from the Little Dreams, Big Dreams fundraiser will go towards the Fresh Air Fund that sends children in our communities to camp and helps them participate in recreational activities. Proceeds will also go towards bursaries for youth in CASHN care and one community youth interested in a career in Social Work or a similar field.

The contest rules are simple:

  1. Each student in a classroom is encouraged to bring a toonie donation to class to contribute to the classroom total. A child or classroom may choose to donate more that a toonie per child however active campaigning or door to door type soliciting is not recommended or encouraged.
  2. Please include your School name, name of your teacher, grade and class (i.e. home room, etc.) with your donation/submission.
  3. Send your donations submitted by 4:00pm on April 27, 2009 to:
    Little Dreams, Big Dreams
    The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk
    70 Town Centre Drive, Townsend, Ontario, N0A 1S0
    Fax: (519) 587-362.
  4. Classrooms can choose to give their donation on air on May 1, 2009 but must advise us of their intent prior to April 27, 2009.
  5. On May 1, 2009, we will announce our contest winners through random draws on air.

There is More, Poster Challenge:

  1. Each classroom can also develop a poster for The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk’s, newly created Little Dreams, Big Dreams Fund. The fund has been created to replace the name, “Fresh Air Fund”. The fund details have been listed above. Classrooms can also choose to make a general poster for the Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk that describes our services or what children believe is our role and function.
  2. Posters must be no larger than 24 x 32 inches and can be created using any medium such as: paper, pencil, paint or through software such as photoshop or illustrator. Designs can be art or photographs but must not contain any photographs of people or art representations or real people.
  3. All designs must be ORIGINAL IDEAS. Do not use copyright images or art.
  4. Your name and address MUST be marked clearly on the back of the design submitted, NOT just on the envelope or just one of the entries.
  5. Please include your School name, name of your teacher, grade and class (i.e. home room, etc.)
  6. You may submit your designs in colour or black and white.
  7. If you colour your design, DO NOT use anything that requires spray fixative, or may smear, smudge, stick, or flake off on other people’s drawings.
  8. All submitted posters become the property of the Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk. Your designs will not be returned unless you request them.
  9. The winner will be decided by a panel at CASHN
  10. For details on our services and programs visit our public website at www.cashn.on.ca
  11. Send your donations and contest art to:
    Little Dreams, Big Dreams
    The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk
    70 Town Centre Drive, Townsend, Ontario, N0A 1S0
    Fax: (519) 587-362

The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk reserves the right to be the final arbitrator in any dispute that may arise as a result of this contest.

By submitting your design to the Toonie Thunder Classroom Challenge you agree to the non-profit use and publication of the design by The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk.


The Toonie Thunder portion of the Radiothon is being sponsored by Boston Pizza and Etnies Skateboards and Apparel.

  1. Winning classrooms of the Toonie Challenge will receive a Pizza party from Boston Pizza and will be announced on the radio on Moose FM on May 1, 2009.
  2. Classroom Pizza Party winners will be decided by random draw.
  3. The First place classroom in the poster challenge will have their poster used for our 2009 fundraising campaign in newspapers, printed materials and our public website.
  4. The Poster Challenge winner will be awarded the Little Dreams, Big Dreams Cup engraved with their school and class name.
  5. The first place classroom in the poster challenge will also have their picture in the Simcoe Reformer or Regional News This Week.
  6. Listen to 92.9 Moose FM on May 1, 2009 between 6 am to 6 pm for a chance to win individual prizes from Etnies, Bell and Canadian Tire. You can also listen online at: www.moosefm.com/ckjn1/index.php
  7. Classrooms can choose to give their donation on air on May 1, 2009 but must advise us of their intent prior to April 27, 2009

In order to be considered, your donations and contest art must be received by 4:00pm on April 27, 2009

For further information on the contest or details contact Igor Bubic, Public Relations Coordinator of CASHN at 1-888-CAS-KIDS (ext 239) or locally at (519) 587-5437 (ext 239).

Charity Registration Number: 899206759RR0001


Crown Wards Get More Help At School



Ontario is helping Crown Wards succeed at college and university. Three new Education Championship Teams will offer mentorship, peer support, motivation and guidance in three Ontario communities. Teams include volunteers from local school boards, Children’s Aid Societies, post secondary institutions, community agencies, Employment Ontario and provincial ministries.

In their first year of operation, four Championship Teams helped approximately 350 students. The government’s investment increases the number of teams helping Crown Wards to seven. Crown Wards who pursue post secondary education and training may also receive financial aid through tuition grants, reimbursement of university/college entrance application fees, and certain exemptions from Ontario Student Assistance Program income assessments.

Support for Crown Wards is also a component of Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy which will reduce the number of children living in poverty by 25 per cent over 5years – lifting 90,000 kids out of poverty – by boosting benefits forlow-income families and enhancing publicly-funded education.

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