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L.I.F.T. – Living Independently For Tomorrow


The goal of LIFT is to ensure that youth are given every opportunity to develop the skills which will enable them to function successfully within society.

In conjunction with the Child Protection Worker, Youth Services Workers develop specific, goal oriented plans of service for youth pursuing independence, focusing on enpowering youth with the skills and tools necessary for a successful transition from care to independence.

Youth Services Workers provide intensive and proactive services including individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, advocacy and one on one support.

LIFT hosts workshops throughout the year which provide specific information about a number of independence skills such as a seminar on budgeting.

LIFT also hosts holiday dinners for youth and former Crown Wards who live independently. These events provide youth with the opportunity to share a meal with their CAS family and network with each other.

Youth C.O.R.E. – Conquering Obstacles Reaching Excellence


Youth CORE is the advisory group for youth in the care of the Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk. Members are age 14 and up. They meet every three weeks in the Youth Room which they decorated at the CAS office in Townsend. LIFT staff are present at Youth CORE meetings to provide input and assistance as requested however, the focus is on youth driven planning and initiatives. Youth CORE members plan and host fund raising events, provide input into Youth in Motion* initiatives and are involved in youth activities sponsored by the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies.

R.Y.S. – Renewed Youth Support

This program allows youth, age 16 or 17, who have left CAS care, the opportunity to return to CAS for support, up to the age of 21.

Youth in Motion

Youth in Motion refers to two youth hired part-time to coordinate youth centred activities for youth in care, publish a “Youth Zone” newsletter and maintain a youth website www.cashn.on.ca/yim

Youth Advisory Committee

This Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors was formed in 2011 consisting of up to 3 members of Youth Core who attend Board meetings as observers and non-voting members. Goals of this committee are to provide feedback to the Board for their consideration in governing the Society, and to provide an educational opportunity for the youth to learn about Board governance and to orient them as potential future members of a Board of Directors.

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