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Thanks to the following generous donors


Helen Jordan
Kirk Mino
Charlene Van Hooren
Teresa Prinzen
Charity VanEvery
Angie Van Besien
Linda and Mike Tracey
Dawn Broker and Randy Booker and Lauren
Warm Up Haldimand – Dunnville
Walmart Store #5752 and their generous customers
Chuck and Ally Taylor
Sharon Greene
Sue and Dan Dalimonte
Proctor and Gamble, Employees of Quality  Assurance and Logistics
Jason and Erin Pudwill and family
Melissa Sayegh and family
John McKellar, Shur Lok Self Storage
Craig and Dianne Willetts
Terry and Patricia McDowall
PDL Promotions
Todd Smith and Kathy Szabo
Cargo Ease
Nancy Norton…..
Heather McDermid
Amanda Parker
Greg Fisher
Danielle Smithers
Kristy Rooney
Dana Francis
Ann Suderman
Cheryl Crawford
Sarah Renwick
Evan and Owen Sibbick
Simcoe Reformer, along with their community partners
Lillian Bluhm and family
Mr. and Mrs William McDowall

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