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Why we Foster

Why we Foster…..

We have been fostering for approximately seven years.  Over this time we have had many children come and stay.  Their stays with us have lasted from short durations of six months to now long term placements and adoption.

My husband and I had very different experiences growing up.  I came from a middle class background with a military father.  My husband had lost his father at a very young age.  When we met I was a single mother of two boys and we had both gone through marriages that had ended in divorce.  Our original plan was to follow the norm; work, raise the boys and plan for our retirement.  Fostering was NEVER in the plans.

When our youngest son went off to university I had experienced a job loss in the corporate world and had more time to spend at home.  We were definitely not rich but we were comfortable. We had an epiphany.  It was time to get involved and help our community and the next generation in some way.  We chose to foster.  It was the BEST, MOST FULFILLING CHOICE we could have ever made.

Perception is reality!  We live an average lifestyle.  Every child has added a different type of spice to our family.  We have had children remark “this is the best day of my life”, simply by experiencing a new type of food.  Something we take for granted.  We have fostered both genders ranging from the age of 3 up to 17.

Our intention was only to help temporarily, but life has a way of giving you just what you need!  We are a family and our family dynamic has changed over the years.  We now have a daughter who came to us as a foster child.  After two years she asked us to make her a permanent part of our home.  To us she already was, so it was just something that made sense – adoption it was.

During our years of fostering we have had ups and downs.  Through it all we couldn’t have asked for a better resource worker, who has been there to support us, as well as the children’s workers who have been there to work out any potential challenges we face raising the kids.

Overall the best part has been the unknown.  The different children that come to us, that each add their own spice to our family.


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